Development of non-combustible, fibre-reinforced composite parts based on cold-curing, inorganic matrix systems and determination of properties for manufacturing, material and components (AnorKomp) [IGF-No. 19858 BG]

Research partners:  FhG IGP Rostock (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilko Flügge, Dr.-Ing. Nikolai Glück), TU Clausthal, Institut für Nichtmetallische Werkstoffe Professur für Bindemittel und Baustoffe (Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wolter, M.Sc. Sven Schöbel)

Time period: 01.01.2018 to 31.07.2020


Modification and qualification of an inorganic, non-combustible matrix material for use in shipbuilding and further branches, such as wind energy, rail vehicle and building construction is the aim of the research project „AnorKomp“. The production of fibre-reinforced composites based on this matrix makes possible for the first time manufacturing of free-shapeable and non-combustible composite parts for improved lightweight constructions. Due to the combustibility of the organic matrix systems, use of composites in shipbuilding and further branches of industry is not possible yet without elaborate fire-protection measures.

Currently, inorganic composites can’t be immediately used because of lack of knowledge concerning manufacturing, material properties and possible component geometries. In order to compensate this deficit, these materials require extensive research on the fields “material”, “manufacturing” and “component/composite” where modifications and selection of the material as well as experimental tests have to be carried out. Subsequently, properties of post-processing as well as producibility of demonstrator components are to be investigated for the purpose of preparing transfer of findings into the production of SME.

The results are available in an application guideline and a final report. Furthermore, they are open to SME in form of material, manufacturing and technical datasheets for rapid implementation after project end. Hence, use of the material for production of components will also be possible in other branches. The research activities will speed up the megatrend of multi-material mix in shipbuilding as well as further industries. As a consequence, hybrid structure constructions will be promoted in the future due to simplification of fire protection standards and elimination of fire risk.


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International Symposium on “Digital Platforms for Maritime Safety and Security Applications“

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